5 Common Problems in Feet

Wearing the wrong socks, working with intense tempo and wrong choice of shoes brings foot problems with it. These foot problems can decrease the quality of life.

What Are Foot Problems?

The foot is a complex organ consisting of many bones, muscles and joints. Since our feet carry your weight all day, there may be skin and nail disease. Also, foot comfort is a harbinger of internal diseases. If these symptoms occur, it may be necessary to consult a doctor.

Fungal infections: Although it is the most common among the fingers, it can also be seen around the foot. Shoes moisture, sweating, hot air, digestive disorders and diabetes can cause fungal infections. It manifests itself in the form of whitish swelling between the fingers or as a skin rash. The ones formed at the sole of the foot are drier. It can also be seen as a red, wholemeal and water-filled bubble.
It is necessary to not use the same shoes every day, change socks frequently, prefer cotton socks, pay attention to dry feet after baths. Fungal infection is also common on nails. In some nail fungal diseases, the nails lose their normal appearance and firmness. Thickening, sensitization, crumbling and color changes in the nails are among the most common symptoms. Especially, the fact that women have manicures and pedicures in bad environments is the reason for this. Narrow shoes and bare feet are common factors that facilitate the formation of nail fungus.

Callus: Causes pain as a result of thickening of the skin. It is more common in people who do heavy sports and run for a long time. To prevent relapse after treatment, you should pay attention to your shoe preference. Those with bone protrusions should use anti-callus pads.

Nail sticking: occurs when the nail is buried in the skin of the feet. The wrong nail cut and narrow shoes are the biggest factor. Causes such as excessive pressure and weight lifting can cause nail sticking. It begins with pain at first, and then can lead to payment.

Bubbles: Continuous wandering and heavy lifting can cause fluid-filled blisters on our feet. These; Wearing narrow and hard shoes is especially effective in these blisters.

Foot odor problem: Excessive sweating of the feet and wearing shoes for a long time may cause odor. It also affects the pH of the feet and makes it easier for some bacteria to multiply. These bacteria are caused by bad foot odor.

To have healthy feet;

Pay attention to foot care, cut toenails straight,
It is necessary to use suitable shoes and cotton socks.

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