Best Nail Salon NYC- Best Nail Salons Near You

There is a lot of nail salon in New York about foot care and pedicure. We have gathered the most famous halls for those looking for a nail salon near you. These halls where you can safely entrust your feet are loved for their affordable price. At the same time, with their creative designs, they are the favorite places of women. Let’s look at these.


Cote, a small and elegant business, attracts attention with its various products and beautiful decorations. With natural care products, non-poisonous Cote products don’t force your budget. They also offer the best service with free tea and water. Cote, which offers a variety of colors for manicure and pedicure, is a point of visit for many people. You can also get a gel removal service here. This will not damage your nails. Cote, a natural nail salon, does not use acrylic and gel nail polish. So it can be recommended for those looking for the best nail salon near you.

2-Ten Over Ten

Ten Over Ten is opened to help women in the neighborhood of Tribeca.  Offering a comfortable and comfortable space to its customers, the brand is one of the best nail salons in Manhattan. Ten Over Ten offers online booking and is open until late. Located in the center, this place is cheap in terms of cost and attracts attention with its excellent color designs. The designs are both fashionable and suitable for the needs of the visitors. Products are also vegan. That’s why it’s one of the best nail salons New York.

3- Dyanna Spa

Located in Manhattan, Dyanna Spa provides pedicure services for men and women. The hall, which has many varieties, is known for its very simple or very interesting designs. It is also known for its importance to health. You can make an online appointment at Dyanna Spa, located between New York nail salons. Offering the best for your dry and fragile feet, it provides the best polishing service. Also with nail amplifiers, your feet are healthier. With herbal and moisturizing foot bath, your feet will wake up more vividly to the new day. You can find prices from 10 dollars to 100 dollars.


One of the nail salons near you, JINsoon is one of the best nail designers in the industry. Established in 1991, JINsoon offers its customers the best in its experience. It’s also worked as a nail designer for celebrities. She was chosen as Nail Guru by New York Times Magazine. In 2012, it published own nail collection. It was pretty much loved. High-tech products ensure long-lasting shine. That’s why it’s among the best nail salon near you. Lacquer prices start at $ 18.

5-Vanity Project

Vanity Project, founded in 2008, is one of the best nail salons NYC. It does her special nail designs for $ 40 a week. It has branches both in NYC and Miami. It has appeared in more than 50 magazines by New York journals. Vanity, which has many designers for unique designs, hosted over 100 celebrities. Classic, colorful and simple designs can be found here. Adres: 99 Chrystie Street, 2nd. Floor, New York, NY 10002, 646.410.2928


Sundays, with its bright nail polishes, can be the best nail salon NYC. Sundays, which uses non-toxic products, closely follows health and fashion. Sundays thinks that simple designs are among the indispensable beauties. It thinks that women should spend time yourself on Sunday. Also says it beauty can be won in different ways. It is also a brand that advocates everyone’s beauty. Sundays, which does not use animal products in nail polish, is among the nail salons near you. It also guarantees a long time shine.

7- Akiko Nails

Located on the lower east side, Akiko Nails offers Japanese nail designs to its customers. Located among the best nail salons Nyc, Akiko Nails offers a unique service with its decoration. Offering a different design every season, the brand guarantees a difference every day. It also allows you to cancel your missed appointment within 24 hours. You can also buy a $ 40 gift card and $ 13 nail stickers. Address: 135 Elridge Caddesi, New York, NY, 10002

8- Nams Nail Spa

This hall, where women feel very good, offers a $ 35 manicure pedicure service. Talented employees make your nails as bright and lively as they used to be. They’re comforting you with refreshments during your stay. This place is one of the fastest places to visit during lunch. The fact that it is not too crowded makes it easier to make an appointment. You can also try quick gel pedicures. Nams Nail Spa, between nail salons near you, is waiting for you.



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