Causes of nail fungus? What is The Treatment?

nail fungus is a fairly common infection. It is mostly seen on hands and feet. Nail fungus starts slowly at the toes first. Color change and fragmentation can also be seen.
Symptoms of Nail Fungus
– Thickness, smell, crumbling
– Shape distortion
– White or yellow lines
– Dark color
If you have these symptoms, you should definitely consult a doctor. Also, keeping your nails constantly moist can cause fungus. Smoking, playing sports, wearing sweaty shoes, getting hit, immune system problems and diabetes can lead to nail fungus.

Why Does Nail Fungus Happen?

– weakening of the blood flow
– slow growth of nails
– slow breathing
– Working in a wet environment (Dishwashing, waitresses)
– Living with someone with nail fungus
– Walking barefoot in humid environments

Nail Fungus Diagnosis

First of all, you should contact a dermatologist. Since athlete’s foot can be confused with other diseases, detailed tests can be done in the laboratory. The correct diagnosis is also necessary for the correct treatment. Because some drugs have side effects.
Nail Fungus Treatment
If you do not have a very advanced fungus, you can try some treatment methods at home.

– You should definitely protect your feet from moisture at home. After showering, you should dry it thoroughly.
– If you are going to cut your nails, use separate scissors for mushroom nails.
– You can get some ointments by getting advice from the pharmacist.

– Surgery is not required in many cases. But if the infection has progressed, surgery can be done to remove the nail. This is usually a short surgery. In addition, laser treatment can be used as a luxury method.

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