Causes the Feet Swells?

Why the Feet Swells?

Every person can often face swollen feet. The most common cause of foot swelling is standing for a long time. Feet inflate because of excessive fatigue. Besides, swollen feet may be to standing for a long time. It may also be a side effect of certain medications. So you should check the medicines you drink. Swollen feet may be seen as a result of blood vessel obstruction, infections and injuries.

Swollen Feet Treatment

There are some methods at home for swollen feet. For this, reach out to bed and stretch your feet up into the air. In this way, the blood flow does not move towards the feet. Another method is ice treatment. If the swollen feet were caused by buckling, press the area with ice. If you think it is a temporary swelling, it will be useful to exercise. Because swelling is seen when there is too less motion. When you exercise, blood flow returns to normal. Keeping swollen feet in salted water can reduce swelling. Reduce salt consumption at the same time. Consuming excess salt causes the accumulation of water in the body. This causes swollen feet.

Swollen Feet Natural Treatment

We can offer parsley as a natural treatment for swollen feet. Parsley prevents swelling caused by infection. Leaning your feet in this water by making mint water removes the edema in the foot.  Ginger oil is also commonly used for swollen feet. You can massage the ginger oil on your feet. In addition, cucumbers are also natural methods that soften your feet. In addition, lemon juice, oil, milk and water to mix with your feet. This will make your feet softer.

Symptoms of swollen feet

  • Swelling of the wrists
  • Swelling of ambulatory knees
  • Pitting when you press your foot with your finger
  • Redness, temperature
  • Drowsiness or pain

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