Cold Feet Causes

Cold Feet Causes

The cold feet causes are numerous. The first reason for this is to go barefoot. Another cause is disorders of the circulatory system. Chills occur when your heart does not pump enough blood. You may also experience foot cold due to iron deficiency and anemia. With dietary changes, the cold feet causes can be easily treated. Inadequate thyroid hormone may impair your metabolism. This is one of the cold feet causes. If you’re stressing everything, you need to calm down a little. Under high stress, the body cannot perform normal blood circulation. If you have diabetes, you should pay attention to your diet. High sugar is not only the cold feet causes but also the cause of many diseases. It is a problem in external diseases as well as internal diseases. If your foot is cold as a result of a blow, you probably have nerve damage. Damage to the brain is also the cold feet causes.

Cold Feet Symptoms


If you feel that your foot is cold, you may have vitamin deficiency. This is one of the symptoms of foot cold. Vitamin support will reduce this problem in cold winter months. Tight shoes and socks prevent blood circulation. Therefore, you should wear shoes that make your feet comfortable. Pain in the muscles of the body due to rheumatism is one of the symptoms of foot cold. You should especially pay attention to the water you drink. If you don’t drink enough water a day, it can affect your entire body. You should leave your bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes. You should stay away from stress during this period. You shouldn’t eat badly. Overweight causes to legs do not go enough blood. This is one of the cold feet causes. Also, if your feet are cold due to various diseases, you should consult a doctor for this.

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