Colorful Nail Designs For Summer

Colorful Nail Designs For Summer

With the advent of spring, colorful nail polishes became fashionable. These designs are not just for summer. For the winter we can also see colorful nail designs on the feet of women. You can easily make these nail designs at home.

1- Summer means vitality. It also means independence. We will apply all kinds of colored nail designs. You can create the most beautiful nail design by using the contrast of two colors, not one color. As you can see, the nice mix of black and white is very elegant. A simple branch leaf that you draw over the black color has brought together the noble and purity.

2- The red color has always represented love. It is not achieved not being in love when the subject is colored nail designs. This design, which looks like a red rose, will make you jealous of those around you. It’s like creating a red table on your feet. This stylish design, which you can create with small touches, has its own feature. After painting your nails in red, you can create this design by pasting a flower on it. Quite easy.

3- When I first saw this, I had the feeling of going to the sea. It really has ocean breezes. Who doesn’t want to cool off in the heat of summer? When you look again, it evokes abstract concepts. You can try this design with a mixture of blue, red and white colors. It seems a little difficult. But when you do, your eyes will be on you.

4- This must be what you want. This nail design, created with symmetrical lines, is great for enthusiasts. Draw a symmetrical layout on your thumb. Randomly apply what you want to the other fingers. Your imagination. It can be nice for those looking for a messy but impressive nail design.


5- This nail design will be the favorite of women who love the glow. Nowadays, the trendy and glittering pedicure designs are made differently by many women. You can draw something unique by taking inspiration from it. You can enjoy the fun by using the shades of blue and adding diamonds on it. But don’t exaggerate the beautiful appearance of diamonds.

6- This nail design used in kids is for those who love pink color. After applying a coat of nail polish, you can draw flowers on it. You can get a simple but pleasant nail design. You can do even better with a fine nail polish brush. With the mixture of pink, black and white you can make a difference without to notice in the summer and winter.

7- A simple yet impressive nail design brings you together. Every woman loves her pink color. Adding stones that are not exaggerated on it is dazzling. You can benefit from the purity of white by doing a little whiteness on top. For this, draw as far as the pink nail polish. Then you can make an oval with the help of tape. It also represents fun for your little children. It seems to be quite difficult to do.

8- More than a nail design for kids. Simple flower drawing is a design that everyone can easily create. Two thumbs draw flowers. Then paint each of your fourth fingers. Thus, you can obtain a symmetrical image. Apart from children, adults can use their youth to live.

9- We recommend the use of this nail design features elderly people. Because they can go back to youth. It also gives a party feel for young girls. But you don’t have to do the same. You can create a similar one with random flower pictures.

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