Foot Care Tips Short Review

Although the feet do not look too much, they are actually part of the beauty of women. Our feet, which are left in the shoes all day, can cause problems after a while. Standing for a long time, wrong nail care, bad shoes, destroy the beauty of the feet. But it is quite easy to care your feet to their former beauty.

  • First of all, when you come from outside, soap your feet with warm water every day. Then rinse with cold water. In this way, you will feel relaxed. It provides comfort after a good cleaning as the feet trap fatigue.
  • Toenails are different from hand nails. The toenails should be cut flat while the fingernails are cut round. To prevent your nails from growing irregularly, do not cut the cuticles.
  • Pumice stone is a very good tool in foot care. It cleans calluses and offers a beautiful appearance. It provides healthier foot care by removing dead skin. You can soften your skin by keeping your feet in hot water before and after the procedure. But don’t rub moisturizers between fingers. Because it can cause fungus.
  • You can massage your ankles to speed up blood circulation and reduce pain. You can apply moisturizer to your feet before sleeping. You can also wear socks after applying, so that it can penetrate your skin.
  • Replace your socks every day. Get your pedicure regularly. Have your shoes clean. Don’t let your nail polishes stay on your feet all the time. Go to the doctor for pain and calluses that do not go away.
  • If the floor in your home is very cold, try walking around with socks. Cold weather can cause leg pain.

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