For Healthy Feet

Having healthy feet is important so that you can walk without any pain or discomfort. If you want to have healthy feet, you can examine the suggestions below. According to research, women have an average of 20 pairs of shoes. They also use only 5 pairs of them regularly. Since the designs of the shoes do not always comply with the foot anatomy, they can cause great pain. In particular, high-heeled shoes cause even more problems. Although everyone buys a lot of shoes, no one pays enough attention to the care of their feet and toes.  For example, manicure is done rather than pedicure. creams for hands and face are used much more than those for feet. Home care products are really good and effective. Therefore, you should pay attention to your care.

Tips for Having Healthy Feet

If you follow these methods, your feet will look much more beautiful. You will also get rid of foot pain and problems.

Get rid of excess weight

Obesity causes great pain in the feet and ankles. In addition, circulation, bone, etc. It is associated with diseases. Your feet carry a great weight with every step you take. And if you wear poor quality shoes, the situation gets worse.

Choose shoes that match your foot type

Not everyone’s longest finger is a thumb. This detail is very important when buying shoes. The shoes you choose should always be made of leather and flexible materials. Do not take the shoe if it is hard to bend. Your big toe should touch the tip of the shoe. Lace-up or felt shoes are best. Make sure your shoes have the width your feet need. Bad shoes will cause your toes to swell.

Foot hygiene

Use pumice stone for hard areas on your feet. Do not use chemical drugs; because it can create “holes” on your feet. To prevent fungal growth, dry between fingers thoroughly after bathing. In summer, use cream for dry areas.

Maximum heel height; It is 5 cm for women, 4 cm for men and 1.30 cm for children. For safety reasons, the heels of the shoes should be wide and never thin. When going to work, doing sports, having fun, wear suitable shoes for the situation.

Always wear socks

Even in summer, you can wear socks that are very thin and hardly felt. So; you prevent your feet from gathering water and sweating inside your shoes. We recommend that you wear cotton shoes. To get rid of the nail formed under your skin, keep your feet in a bucket of salt and warm water for 15 minutes twice a day. Then, cut your nails short so that they do not form again.

Protect your feet

Protect your feet in public places such as pool and locker rooms. Do not walk barefoot at home, as this can lead to fungus. Do not take off your socks when you come home from work. Once a week, you can add any kind of essential oil or some salt to a bowl full of water and put your feet in this container. Soak your feet in this water for 20 minutes and dry them well with a towel. Then wait for it to air up without wearing socks or slippers. After will be good to do the last massage.

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