French Pedicure at Home

French Pedicure at Home

What is French Pedicure? French pedicure is a way of decorating your nails with pink tones. This process is smoothly cheering your feet. Let’s look at how a French pedicure is made at home.

1- Prepare your nails

Clean your nails before the French pedicure. Will give a better result clearing old nail polish remnants. Your fingernail length is needed to be low. Then rasp well. Soak your feet in warm water with various foot care products. So your feet soften and Nail polish remains better. Soak in water for 15 minutes. So your skin wills beauty. You can read your book in this process.

2-Foot Care

Brush your heels with a heel stone. Getting rid of away dead skins, you can make your skin smooth. After leaving the water, dry your feet and use the brush. Thus, the foot calluses are rid of away.

3- Massage

Apply cream on your feet. Massage by pressing on your fingertips. You can lubricate your feet with your favorite moisturizer. After 10 minutes of massage you will see your feet shine.

4- Straighten Your Nails

Give your nails a nice look with nail scissors and other tools. Push the excess skin with the nail rod.

5- Color the nails

This is the most beautiful part. Paint your nails by taking a favorite nail polish. Wait to dry for a while.

6-Apply French Pedicure

Now, take a white nail polish and drive it horizontally to the tip of the nails. Apply one more floor after drying. Make sure you have a thin line on your fingertips. You also need cream color. You can use the concealer, if the nail polish is hard. After then with the nail polish remover, remove any remaining stains.

7- Dry Nail Polish

You can immerse your feet in cold water to accelerate the drying of the lacquer. Then dry gently. Here is the French pedicure. You can show symmetrical color cream nails in all seasons.


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