How to Foot Massage at Home?

How to foot massage at home?

Can’t you find time for massage salons? You can relax your feet with short massages that you can apply here. Approximately 7,000 of the nerve endings in our bodies are found on our foot soles. Our feet are also the ends of all nerve endings. During the day, especially in the uncomfortable shoes, we have to rest our feet. Try to relieve your constantly ignored feet in a short time.



3 teaspoons of pure olive oil

2 teaspoons sesame oil

2 drops of chamomile oil

2 drops of lavender oil

Preparation of

Mix all of the above materials. Wash your feet well and dry thoroughly.


First, find yourself a comfortable place to sit. Create a space where you can extend your arms and feet where you sit, this is very important for you to relax. Put one leg on your lap and stretch the other leg comfortably. The most important part of the foot massage at home is to rub the upper part of the foot. You can start at the toes and move to the wrists, then go back to the fingers. (Repeat 5 times)

Grasp the foot from the heels and turn it several times to the right and left to decrease the hardness in the wrist. Then hold the back of the foot firmly. In the other hand, rub your toe and then pull. (Apply this to all fingers)

Rub the back of the last foot forward and backward by pressing firmly against the wrist. (Repeat 5 times). That’s it. When the foot massage is finished you will feel relieved.

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