How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?

Gel nail polishes are quite fashion in recent days. Especially in summer it is preferred because it is simple. But how to remove gel nail polish? We tell you the ways to remove the nail polish without going to the beauty parlor.

Step 1

Gel nail polishes may not be cleaned easily. But it can be cleaned with a little force. The first response to the question how to remove gel nail polish is to keep it in acetone for 20 minutes. You should wait a while by pouring acetone into your fingernails. Then start preparing the hand cream

Step 2

After you pour acetone into your fingers, place the cotton on your fingers. But cotton needs to be wet. Make sure you pour enough acetone on your fingers. Come on to step 3 on how to remove gel nail polish.

Step 3

You have to wrap around the fingers of acetone with aluminum foil. Thus, the extraction step will be easier. But you should wait at room temperature.

Step 4

It’s time to remove the acetone that’s standing on its nail for 10 minutes. You can open the foils slowly. Then, you should gently scrape off the gel nail polish with the nail file. so, anymore not be troubled about how to remove gel nail polish.

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