Nail Care Tips

in this article we will talk about nail care tips. Bad nails are a nightmare for all women. Especially damaged toenails are more difficult to maintain.  Hand care and foot care increases confidence when done well. So follow the nail care tips carefully. You think you’re giving big money to beauty salons? Then it’s time to do a pedicure at home.

1- Paper Rasp

The use of paper rasps instead of metal rasps is healthier. You should take paper rasp while doing a pedicure at home. It is also one of the pedicure tools because it is cheap. This way you can correct the deformities in your toenails.

2- Nail Clippers

You can use the paper rasp, after shortening your nails with nail scissors. To do a manicure pedicure at home you should get a quality nail clippers. Those who are not sharp can break your nails.


There may be people who don’t know about it. This tool allows you to cut off the flesh on the nail. This prevents ingrown toenail. Krong is the ideal tool for manicure pedicure at home.

4- Pumice Stone

Ponza means heel stone. Nail care is one of the products sought for tips. Removes dead skin and not resist hardens in your feet. This gives you a smoother foot. It also prevents the foot fungus from reaching the nails.

5-cuticle scissors

One of the nail care tips, the meat scissors allows you to relax by taking out the extra meat from the nails. You can also put it among your foot care products. You can use it for both manicure and pedicure.

6- Manicure Container

One of the nail care tips is the manicure container. Thanks to this, you can soften your hands. You can take the same procedure by taking a pedicure container inside your feet. These prevent damage to your feet.

7- Nail Brush

One of the nail care tips is the nail brush. The brush used to clean the interior and the surface of the nails is important for foot care. It also provides nail health.

8- Pedicure Container

The pedicure bowl, which works the same as the manicure container, allows you to soften your foot. This allows you to have smooth feet. Nail care is an important material for tips.

9- Nail Peeling

If you want to get rid of hardened nails, you should have nail peeling. Groomed women are frequently preferred products. For soft nails, you should do it regularly.

10-Cuticle Pusher

The cuticle pusher, which is used to fix the nails, prevents nail ingrown. With this product you can do both hand care and foot care. You should keep this product in your home.

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