Secrets of Beautiful Feet

By caring for your feet every day, you can have beautiful feet. Since the feet are constantly in motion, they can sweat. You can take a bath regularly with warm water and a nail brush. You can also protect the skin of the foot. You can wash it in cold water after hot water. Then you can rub your feet with the foot care cream. Do not forget to use a nail file after nail cutting. In this way, your socks will not be damaged. You can apply powder between your fingers.

What is Foot Care?

You need to take very good care of them as the feet bear the full load of the body. You should care as much as hand and face care. You may experience pain due to unimportant foot care. This negatively affects your quality of life. There are also important nerves in the feet. The hip, leg and back nerves pass here. For this reason, foot pain may move to other places in the future. Especially heels can squeeze the feet and cause more pain. For this reason, massage, cream and regular washing may be required.

Tips for Protecting Foot Health


– Be careful to wash your feet with hot and cold water twice a day.
– You can massage your ankles and feet after coming home every day.
– You can lie down after getting tired, and put your feet up for a while. In this way, you can normalize your blood circulation.
– Prefer comfortable shoes and socks for your feet to move freely.
– You can have pedicure care regularly.
– You can do simple exercises to maintain blood circulation and strengthen muscles.
– You should avoid unbalanced movements while standing.

– Most importantly, you should always be free of sweat and dirt.

Foot Care Tips

– After removing your old nail paints, soak your feet in hot water for three minutes.
– Cut off excess part of your nails and flatten it with a nail file. Then thin the thickened skin with pumice stone.
– You can put cotton between them to keep your fingers apart. You can then start applying the new nail polish.
– After the nail polish has dried, you can massage and soften your muscles.

Foot Care Products

-Good care is required for our feet, which are constantly stuffy due to shoes. In the evening, you can apply petroleum jelly before going to bed and then put on socks.

-In addition, if you are very tired, you can add baking soda in warm water. In this way, the foot fungus problem is eliminated and you can feel relieved.

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