What is Athlete’s Foot?

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is an infectious disease caused by fungal types. In this way, a definition is the most comprehensive answer to the question of what is athlete’s foot.

Athlete’s foot occurs in the most humid places of the feet. These are also between the fingers. A slight redness and white spots on the toes is a precursor of the fungus. This redness and subsequent water collection manifest itself with itching in the feet. In case of timely treatment, in the first phase of the formation of the fungus is immediately eliminated by treatment. But if untreated, the fingers begin to spread between them, gradually spreading over and under the fingers. Redness under the skin, thickening of the skin and calluses are seen. Determination of the skin lines, exfoliation and whitening gradually spread to the entire foot is the athlete’s foot. Fungus as it grows on the foot, itching, redness and inflamed tissue will show spread.

Athlete’s foot Types

If it is examined about what is the fungus, it is seen that this type of fungus has two types. The type of athlete’s foot, called dry type, is the type that is formed by only skin spills. It is a fungus that manifests itself with itching.

The athlete’s foot called watery type is a type of fungus with inflammation, redness and red bubbles.

Athlete’s foot causes?

If we examine the cause of the fungus is an infectious disease because we see that be transmitted by our environment. It is very common for people to take the foot fungus from animals and humans. In public areas, shower, pool etc. The presence of fungi in humid regions is commonplace. The answer to the question that causes athlete’s foot is very simple. People do not take precautions for fungi that live in damp areas. This type of mushroom starting at the feet can be transmitted to other parts of the body by itching or contact. In order to prevent this situation, hands should be washed in hot water in accordance with long-term hygiene rules.

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