What İs Crooked Foot? Treatment


The distorted foot problem is the defect in the feet. Feet are turned inwards or outwards. Generally, one foot disorder is seen. It is thought that the reason for the emergence of the disease may be genetic predisposition. With today’s technology, the problem of crooked feet can be detected in the womb. Although it can not be determined due to the position in the womb, it is treated after birth. The disease can be seen in the 16th week of pregnancy.

– Achilles tendon is high
– The thumb is turned inward
– Heel turned inward
– The leg knitting is facing down

Crooked Foot Problem

In the treatment of crooked feet, the feet are stretched with a special method and a plaster is attached to the groin. This plaster is worn during infancy. Improvements may appear in an average of a week. Then plaster is placed again with a different method. This treatment is repeated regularly for a month. If the feet can be flexed easily after one month, the treatment is completed. But if the heel bone is not in place and there is still no flexibility, a small operation is performed. After this surgery, the child wears a special shoe. Should wear this shoe for 23 hours a day and continue it on for 3 months.

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