What is Fish Spa Pedicure?

What is Fish Spa Pedicure?

Fish spa pedicure, commonly known in many countries, is a form of treatment. Garra Ruffa is made by fish called Kangal Fish. These fish, also known as doctor fish, absorb the dead skin. In this way, good positive results can be against skin diseases. These fish usually used for the treatment of psoriasis. For Eczema and foot odor  problems are also benefit. Fish structure varies between 3 cm and 8 cm. With this process, you can both massage your feet and get a pedicure. Since the fish do not have teeth, you will not feel any pain in the fish spa pedicure. Massage sessions last half an hour. Three sessions are usually sufficient for the desired effect to occur.

What are the Benefits of Fish Spa Massage?

During the fish spa pedicure, the dead skins are separated from the foot.  The healing process of the wound is accelerated. For this massage, fish live in thermal waters rich in selenium. The physician fishes that help to accelerate the blood circulation help to revive the dead cells with their micro massage. It provides relaxation to mind and body. thus creates a healthier skin with a fish spa pedicure. Bu masaj hem iyileşme hem de rahatlama sağlar. Vücudun herhangi bir yerine yapılabilir. Fish spa pedicure, which helps to reduce stress, also saves women from getting into a pedicure. This massage helps you remove all dead skin. Thus a natural pedicure occurs. In short, the skin beautifying, eczema psoriasis fungus, such as skin disease to help treatment, which provides physical and mental relaxation fish spa pedicure, can be done by anyone who wishes. However, make sure the fish used for this massage is the real Garra Ruffa.


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