What is good for Callus? Treatments


Callus is a warning given by the body to protect itself. Due to pressure and friction, the foot skin thickens and wants to protect itself. The reason for its standing is that it carries the body constantly. Friction of fingers, sock rubbing and shoe rubbing can make calluses. In addition to the soles of the feet, it can be seen between the toes and above the toes. Although callus is easy to treat, it should not be confused with inflammations.

You can destroy your calluses by rubbing them with a pumice stone. You should be careful when using acid bands. Because it can damage calluses as well as healthy skin. To eliminate the callus completely, you must determine its cause. Destroying calluses can cause skin scars. Feet are humid and warm environments suitable for bacterial growth.

Callus Treatment

Shoes made of soft leather with a wide tip should be preferred. Tight shoes should be avoided.
– By paying attention to foot cleaning daily, bacteria can be prevented from forming.
– Attention should be paid to the structure and cleanness of the socks. Socks should be cotton and sweat-absorbent.
– You can apply vegetable oils and moisturizers to callus areas.
– You can wear a plaster on your aching foot due to calluses.
– Try to clean the callus in warm water and clean it with pumice stone or rasp.
– Put some onion or garlic in the callus area before going to sleep. The callus area will soften thoroughly until morning.

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